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What Size Oil Tank Do I Need for My Home?

Posted by Smart Touch Energy on Sep 22, 2017 10:15:04 AM

Being a homeowner means you always have to have one foot in the future. You're anticipating potential problems, needs, repairs and maintenance. With so much to think about, it can be easy to forget the less obvious systems in your home that need tending to. One of these systems is your oil heating system.

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Your Guide to Heating Oil Additives

Posted by Smart Touch Energy on Sep 15, 2017 3:27:00 PM

As an oil tank owner, you may already have some awareness of heating oil additives. You may even have gotten into the habit of adding some to your tank, although you may not know just how those additives are improving the life of your tank.

As a homeowner, you rely on your oil tank to get you through whatever winter might have in store, and heating oil additives could be the secret weapon to winning the battle over winter. In this post, we will explore what heating oil additives are, why they are important and how each type can help improve the life of your tank.

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Underground Oil Tank: What You Need to Know

Posted by Smart Touch Energy on Sep 12, 2017 12:20:55 PM

The cost of cleaning up a leak from an underground oil tank ranges from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on how much contamination has occurred — and the worst part is, there’s a good chance your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover any of the costs.

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A Guide to Supplementing Heating Oil and Reducing Annual Energy Expenses

Posted by Smart Touch Energy on Aug 23, 2017 2:45:04 PM

For homeowners across the country, heating expenses climb as the mercury drops with the return of wintry weather. Seasonal heating expenses are largely dependent on the climate you live, the structural design of the building, your heating system's operating efficiency and what method of energy you choose to generate heat.

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How Long Is Heating Oil Good For?

Posted by Smart Touch Energy on Jul 31, 2017 11:28:46 AM

Heating oil, or No. 2 oil as it is often called, continues to be a popular option for homeowners looking to heat their homes.

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Should I Turn My Furnace Off Over the Summer?

Posted by Smart Touch Energy on Jun 6, 2017 3:57:38 PM

It’s undeniable — residents of the northeastern United States love the reliability of their oil furnaces. Homes in the Northeast use around 87% of all the heating oil consumed each year across the U.S. And with the efficiency of oil furnaces, it’s understandable.

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Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil and Premium Fuels

Posted by Smart Touch Energy on Dec 28, 2016 11:09:17 AM

Outside of the Northeastern U.S., few people realize home heating oil is now a clean-burning, eco-friendly source of thermal energy. If you live in one of the states that have already mandated the switch to ultra-low sulfur heating oil, also known as ULSHO, however, you’ve probably already heard about the merits of this new and improved version of an old petroleum product.

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Preventing Home Heating Oil From Freezing

Posted by Smart Touch Energy on Oct 12, 2016 1:56:02 PM

If you’re like most people living in cold-weather climates, once the temperature starts to drop, you don’t care how your home heating system works. You just care that it works and works well. Come late November, the last thing you want is for your oil-tank heating system to break down or suffer from reduced efficiency, just as temperatures are starting to drop and heating oil prices are adjusting to their seasonal highs. That’s why it’s essential to maintain both the system and the heating oil it burns. Using a home heating oil treatment as a preventative measure can help ensure that your heating system produces ample heat and maintains its efficiency throughout the winter.

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Why It’s Important to Keep Your Fuel Oil Tank Full

Posted by Smart Touch Energy on Aug 2, 2016 8:29:31 AM

According to data from the United States Energy Information Administration, some 6 million American homes rely on fuel oil as their primary source of heat. With the majority of these homes located in the Northeast, knowing how to properly prepare your tank for summer downtime is an important concern. We’ve already gone over in detail the basics of fuel oil tank maintenance— so in this post, we look specifically at why you should keep your tank at least half full at all times.

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Save Money With Our Automatic Delivery Program

Posted by Smart Touch Energy on May 26, 2016 2:46:11 PM

Many home heating oil customers worry that they may run out of fuel at the worst possible time: in the middle of winter when the temperatures are at their lowest. This can happen for various reasons. A colder than usual winter may require you to use more heating oil than you had originally planned. Also, a low tank during warmer months can lead to condensation at the bottom of your tank, which can cause a host of problems. If you’re like many of our customers who are extremely busy, you might forget to check your storage tank’s fuel gauge to see if the oil level is getting low.

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